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Stephen Goldfinch has real world knowledge serving in both the House and the Senate.   While, Tom Winslow has served as both counsel and judge in election challenges during his legal career.  As a legal and ethical consultant for political and cause-related campaigns, Goldfinch Winslow takes their years of political experience and applies it to their knowledge of the law. They will immerse themselves in your campaign or cause and advise the candidate and/or broader campaign with an aim for compliance with South Carolina ethics. Goldfinch Winslow can advise regarding legal and ethical compliance for campaign strategies. Additionally, the firm can review ad campaigns on the front end, before any issues arise. Your issues and movements are important, and Goldfinch WInslow can help develop a plan and structure to help move your needle forward for your organization.

Goldfinch Winslow campaign-related efforts focus on advising so as to prevent a legal or ethical breach. Goldfinch Winslow recognizes sometimes things happen fast on a campaign with many players and moving pieces and parts, and you may need counsel based on issues which have already arisen. Goldfinch Winslow is equipped to help you navigate and counsel you through such dynamics, issues, or concerns. Beyond the ethical components of campaigns, Goldfinch Winslow is committed to providing you with supportive general counsel and advice for legal related issues that may arise, whether simple or complex.

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