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Easter means lots of different things to different people. Less than 20% of Americans identify Easter as a religious holiday today; which I find pretty sad. Most people identify Easter as a family holiday; which I find to be a good thing. Gathering with family around a dinner table after Easter church just sounds right. It sounds like home; it […]

2019 Scholarship Winners

Every year, Goldfinch Winslow invites local high school students to send us an essay in order to receive a scholarship. This year, Lawton Branham and Mallory Bindner have been chosen as our 2019 scholarship winners! Continue reading to learn a little bit about them and to view the essays that they submitted. Lawton Branham Lawton is a senior at St. […]

Smollett Case Reveals the Dangers of a “Cause Lead Legal System”

The Legal System in the United States is designed to place the burden on those prosecuting a crime, not those defending a crime.  Why?  Very simple – YOU ARE INNOCENT, UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.   You are not presumed guilty or at fault unless (not until) the evidence is so high there is no other choice, but to place guilt on […]

Why Packing the Supreme Court Is a Bad Idea

Many clients believe that the opposing party is the biggest obstacle to receiving what they “want.”  Many in the legal field think the same way, which leads to the lack of civility in the profession.  The truth is that the Judge is the largest obstacle to getting what you “want.”  The dirty little secret – that is what he is […]

It is Time to Throw the Jones Act Overboard

As many of you know, I earned a LLM in Maritime Law in 2014.  I am one of the few lawyers in the state actually trained in what I would consider the oldest form of law.  Maritime Law is Federally regulated and Judge driven, unlike the majority of cases the typical attorney will see in their practice.  One of the […]

Canada’s New Drunk Driving Law Will Make You Thankful for the 4th Amendment

Under C-46, police in Canada can stop any driver, anywhere, for any reason and demand their sample. You can even be cited if you haven’t driven in two hours. Imagine going out to dinner with your wife on a Saturday night. She orders a nice bottle of pinot noir. You pour yourself a splash, but just half a glass since […]

Student Free Speech Rally Violated Campus Speech Codes at University of South Carolina

Is it not the epitome of state censorship for people not to be free to discuss even the very concept of free speech without facing investigation?  In a World of Free Speech Zones and college campuses having “emotional support circles,” the ability to have free speech about free speech violates Codes at South Carolina.  Even people in California are calling […]

Indian Wells Gets A No Vote From Planning. But That Doesn’t Mean The Golf Course Is Saved

Conway – With the future of Indian Wells Golf Club’s hanging in the balance, it was a packed house at Thursday night’s Horry County Planning & Zoning meeting. Unfortunately for those in attendance, the property’s future is still in limbo. With a large crowd overflowing the multipurpose room where the commission meets, a rezoning request to turn the Garden City golf […]

Local Government Says Merry Christmas by Using Eminent Domain to Take Small Business Owner’s Building

For more than two decades, John Monem’s furniture store has been a staple of downtown Brockton, Massachusetts. But a week ago, city officials gave Monem an early Christmas present: a notice to vacate his property. Brockton Furniture is currently located on the first floor of the tallest building in the city, 93 Centre Street. But in four months, Monem will […]

Tips to Protect Your Trademark

Your trademark can be an integral part of your business. They symbolize the business’ role in the marketplace over the years. A good trademark can put a real and lasting impression on your clients. Applied and used correctly, a trademark can last indefinitely, but if it is abandoned it can lose its practical value and diminishes its protection under the […]

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