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Crocodile Attack

As an attorney, you many times sit down with a potential client and only know a small amount of the situation. The key that many attorneys forget is that you can not determine if there is a legal solution to an issue until you actually hear what the client says. A closed mind is created by an open mouth. As […]

Mandatory Vaccination

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) recommended that the state consider mandating a COVID-19 vaccine.   NYSBA’s House of Delegates approved a resolution outlining conditions for requiring the vaccine for all New Yorkers save those exempted by doctors. It would be up to public health authorities to decide if a vaccine mandate is necessary, and whether it should apply to all residents or to […]

HOA – You’re Safe Now

If you think you dislike your HOA, then you have not met this guy.  Recently a dad, who goes by the first name Dave, posted a letter that condemned his neighbor’s tattling, according to a snapshot uploaded to Reddit’s “Facepalm” forum.  Sporting a plastic sheet cover and two green tacks that were hammered into the offending tree, the open letter confronts the […]

John Hilliard

Many people view the legal profession as a system of adversaries that must fight with each other day in or day out.  Other people view attorneys and their teams as a group of people that are all products of a “buddy/buddy system.”  The truth is that we are – both.  Every day in the Courtroom we must be adversarial with other […]

The Go-Givers

Every Tuesday there is an open meeting to anyone that wants to join us at The Jerk Shack in Surfside at 7:30am.  We go through the Go-Giver books.  Tomorrow we will start the next book in the series, so join us and get breakfast and a free book as we work to create relationships in life and in business to: Create […]

Firework Laws

Laws are getting created everyday, but common sense needs to be associated with those laws.  I hope your July 4th went off with a bang – or did it?   That really depends on your state: Massachusetts is the only state where fireworks are completely banned aside from professional displays, according to a May report from Reader’s Digest. Illinois, Ohio and […]

Big News At Goldfinch Winslow

To all of our friends and clients, I am writing to inform you of some important news.  Recently, Stephen Goldfinch has been presented with some great opportunities for himself and his family.  We, as a law firm are excited for him in his new endeavors.  It is not clear where he will be going or what he will be doing, […]

Bari Weiss Resigns From New York Times Due To ‘Constant Bullying’ By Colleagues

One year ago, opinion editor Bari Weiss resigned from The New York Times, penning a scathing letter of resignation in which she alleged that she was subjected to “constant bullying” from colleagues who deemed many of her ideas “wrongthink.”  Weiss said she was hired by the Times in 2017 to bring in “voices that would not otherwise appear in your pages,” including centrists and […]

Is Every Job Work?

Recently, dozens of correctional officers and teachers who oversee South Carolina’s juvenile offenders walked off the job Friday to protest low pay, staffing shortages, and safety concerns.  The employees left their shifts at the state’s Department of Juvenile Justice facility on Broad River Road in Columbia about 7 a.m. in protest of issues that have wracked the department for years, […]

Is There Discrimination In Traffic & Safety Plans?

In December 2020, it was reported by the AP that the Myrtle Beach Traffic Plan used for the Atlantic Beach Bike plan was alleged to be racist.    For those that live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, May offers separate week-long rallies, one mostly in the south part of the beach, the other mostly in the north part of the beach.  Each […]

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