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Did Covid Put An End To Your Right To Due Process

This Memorial Day, we honor those that did not cower in the face of fear.  These Americans, Black and White, Male and Female, came together as one to defend the rights we enjoy everyday.  However, a year ago, the covid panic shook the world. We were told it would only be “15 days to flatten the curve” as businesses were locked […]

Federal Court Rules Against Florida Man Fined $30k Over Tall Grass

Have you ever looked out at the yard and just felt a little lazy?   The grass is tall, but it is hot, buggy, and it was a long week.  Maybe you went out of town and figured you would just cut it when you returned home.  You may want to rethink those plans now that a federal judge upheld $30,000 in fines […]

Are Zoning Laws Truly Needed?

Almost every state has approved of zoning and virtually every city in the country has implemented zoning.  Why?  Is it really necessary for us to tell a private property owner how to handle his own property.  Recently, Horry County denied a rezoning in Carolina Forest after facing pressure from neighbors, Horry County Council on Tuesday rejected a rezoning request for […]

A Public Funding Ban for Private Schools ‘Born in Bigotry’?

A lawsuit filed in federal district court argues that a provision of the South Carolina state constitution that bars public funds from being used for the “direct benefit” of religious or other private educational institutions should be struck down because it was born out of racist and anti-Catholic animus. The lawsuit, filed earlier this week, argues that the amendment, which […]

Bicycle License

Another policing video has gone viral, which has received more than 5 million views on Twitter, shows no less than six police confronting a group of teenagers in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Their crime? Riding bicycles without a license. The boys were incredulous at the encounter and pushed back on the officers’ demands that they dismount their “vehicles” and, ultimately, allow their bikes to […]


The New York Times and FX recently released a new documentary on Hulu called Framing Britney Spears, and it has quickly catapulted the pop singer back into the news. The show presents a harrowing tale of the Princess of Pop’s precipitous fall from grace circa 2007-2008 and reexamines the events that led to it.  But, following a very public mental breakdown in 2007, Britney’s […]

Just Change The Rules

Many of us have heard by now that President Joe Biden formed a “bipartisan commission” to study potential U.S. Supreme Court changes including expanding the number of justices beyond the current nine, a goal of some liberal Democrats hoping to end its conservative majority.  Under the executive order the 36-member commission will consider the “merits and legality” of potential reforms to the nation’s […]


Recently, an article was published in the New York Post regarding Peloton’s height requirements for their exercise equipment.  It appears that you must be at least 4′ 11″ to be able to use the bike and that is leaving many people feeling slighted.   When confronted by “shorter” customers the response from the company was “we wish you the best of […]

Mandatory Vaccination?

Goldfinch Winslow recently had a potential client consult with us after suffering a horrific reaction after her employer had vaccines given to all of his employees, while at work.  Interestingly, the first‐​in‐​the‐​nation case against mandatory COVID vaccination was filed by a New Mexico detention officer who claims he was fired for refusing to receive the first dose of the mRNA vaccine. Last month the […]

Be A Go-Giver

Every Tuesday morning at 7:30am, members of Goldfinch Winslow attend a great meeting at JB’s Jerk Shack in Surfside Beach, SC.  The meeting is open to everyone and it is part networking and part bookclub, as we go through the Go-Giver series of books.   There is no membership fee, the book is free, and they even have breakfast.   If you know me, […]

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