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Can McMaster Mandate The Use of Face Masks at Businesses? A Local Attorney Explains

By Jennifer Roberts MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – Following a rise in COVID-19 cases recently in the Palmetto State, many residents are wondering if Gov. Henry McMaster should require restaurant employees to wear face masks. After being closed for several months, some Grand Strand restaurants have had to shut their doors again after employees tested positive for the virus. Right […]

7 Ways The Pandemic Will Forever Change Law Practice

As painful as this crisis has been for so many, many of the changes that will emerge out of it will be for the betterment of the legal system. We are all experiencing the immediate impact of the Coronavirus crisis on our professional lives and careers. But how will this crisis impact the legal profession over the longer term? Will […]

Temperature Checks At Businesses: Sued If You Do, Sued If You Don’t

This week I had to go into a hospital to take a deposition. The required a temperature check for me to enter.  First, the irony of a medical facility being worried that I might have a fever before I enter.  I really can’t wait until it is 100 degrees, 80% humidity, and everyone is running hot.  Nevertheless it made me […]

2020 Goldfinch Winslow Scholarship Winners

On June 3rd, 2020, Goldfinch Winslow awarded 2 very deserving girls scholarship money. Applicants were tasked with writing a 500 word essay on this topic: “It was recently suggested that most courtrooms could become virtual over the next 20 years”.  Please describe how this is applicable and its implications in today’s legal system across America. This year’s winners were: Rowan Sims – St. James […]

HOA Pools: To Reopen or Not To Reopen?

Do Homeowner associations in South Carolina face the possibility of litigation if they reopen their pools and other common areas? There is no short answer on if it is or isn’t safe for common areas to reopen.  All factors must be considered, such as If an HOA has a population at increased risk for the virus, it can make it more difficult […]

How Courts May Interpret COVID-19 Waivers Of Liability

Recently many businesses have been opening up to a new unknown.  Not the question of the virus itself, but the question of what is the liability of opening back up.  Many clients have asked Goldfinch Winslow for guidance in opening back up.  First and foremost, businesses must proceed with caution in reopening and practice all mandated and recommended practices for keeping […]

Civil Disobedience

This past week, Elon Musk restarted production at Tesla’s car plant in Fremont, California, in defiance of county officials who ordered the plant to stay closed. He announced the move publicly by tweeting yesterday: Tesla is restarting production today against Alameda County rules. I will be on the line with everyone else. If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be […]

Weekly Blog: Arrested

Three simple questions: 1.  What happened to Due Process under the Fifth Amendment? 2. What happened to the Right to a Jury Trial under the Sixth Amendment? 3. When did we lose the right to private property without just compensation under the Fifth Amendment? Sales Ladies Recently undercover cops arrested two women in Laredo, Texas, for violating the city’s COVID-19 […]

Co-Parenting Through COVID-19

No one would have thought that one of the most effected areas of law effected by this virus would be family law.  However, when you think about it no one is more impacted by schools being closed and everyone having to stay home more than families and children.  The hardest part is how do you take care of that child […]

Governmental Taking?

The spread of the coronavirus has prompted most states to issue orders mandating non-essential businesses to close and non-essential workers to stay home. These regulations, whether or not justified, have decimated small and large businesses alike.  Loans are being made available to businesses, some containing a forgiveness option provided that the business spends the money in a specified way. Regulations and Lawsuits But when the […]

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