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The Right to Present Evidence Is Fundamental

The City of Bainbridge Island, Washington, enacted several burdensome zoning ordinances regulating property on its shoreline. A group of landowners on the island challenged those regulations as unlawful for several reasons, making claims under both state law and the U.S. Constitution. But Washington State’s procedural rules wouldn’t allow those landowners to bring their challenge directly in state trial court. Instead, they […]

The Forced Vacation

This past week was a time that I am not used to having – a week of quiet solitude.  Towards the end of January, I had been feeling rundown.  This is not unusual.  I love my work and it drives me to have about a 16 hour work day, give or take 6 days a week.  I enjoy going home […]

Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Recently, the World rejoiced at the word of a development of a Covid-19 Vaccine in less than 10 months.  Ordinarily, it takes scientists about 10 years to develop a vaccine. By contrast, the pharmaceutical industry has worked toward emergency approval of Covid-19 vaccines in a matter of months. With 44,000 participants enrolled in clinical trials for the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine and […]

Six Principles of Non-Violence From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Reconciliation has become a major theme in our political discourse, and rightfully so. For those who love our country and its foundations, bringing down the temperature of the nation and quelling partisan divisiveness is of paramount concern. But while much has been said about the need for peace, less has been done to achieve it. Martin Luther King Jr. once […]

Jones Act Causes Ships To Turn To Chinese Shipyards For Maintenance Needs

As many of you know I have an LLM in Maritime Law, therefore to endure that additional pain of more study in Law School above the basic JD it holds a place in my heart.  One of those fun and interesting classes for the LLM was a class on this topic – the Jones Act.  The Jones Act is a federal law that regulates maritime […]

The Second Amendment As A Right That Preserves All Others

Let us start by being very clear – no one supports a riot, a violent protest, or a lawless country.  Therefore, in light of the Washington D.C. uprising at the Capital of the United States of America which left five people dead, let us reflect on the words of the Architect of the Declaration of Independence.  In a 1787 letter regarding the Massachusetts […]

Adapt & Survive…Or Not

During the “Great Pandemic” of 2020 many people had to adapt their lifestyle to fit the requirements impossed upon them.  This same requirement was placed upon small business.  The COVID-19-related closure of tasting rooms at distilleries and bars, loss of tourism, and inability to offer in-store sampling slashed their sales revenue and cut them off from their customers. Then this week, just as […]

Who’s Got The Beef?

During the height of Covid, some states decided to reevaluate the need for many regulations and laws.  Wyoming was one of those states. Wyoming’s groundbreaking Food Freedom Act has served as a national model for how states can deregulate many in-state food sales. The five-year-old law opened up many previously illegal food transactions in Wyoming, and has delivered on its promise to benefit ranchers, […]

What Makes A Good Attorney?

As an attorney at Goldfinch Winslow Law Firm, many people come and ask us about how we can assist them with their legal needs in regard to their family, their criminal charge, maybe an estate plan, car accident, or a number of other items.  Many times we have High School, College, or Law School students interning or clerking in the office.  […]

Facebook Hit With Antitrust Lawsuits

The Federal Trade Commission and 46 states sued Facebook Inc. on Wednesday, accusing the social-media giant of buying and freezing out small startups to choke competition. The federal case seeks to unwind social-media giant’s Instagram, WhatsApp acquisitions; other claims target company’s tactics against competitors The FTC’s sweeping antitrust case seeks to force Facebook to unwind its acquisitions of WhatsApp and […]

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